Greeting of Pincipal

Dear Sirs,

Our training center was established in 1994 in order to teach Mongolian language and introduce Mongolian culture to foreigners. From that time, we have been conducting these activities for about 20 years. We are not only delighted to introduce Mongolian culture and tradition, but also to help people living and working in the nomadic culture.  

We have gained efficient experiences to teach to foreigners during that time. We have not only created our own text books, but have also had them published. We are satisfied with giving the best teaching with our text books. We have been teaching Mongolian language and the culture to hundreds of foreigners during that period.

We are pleased to mention some of them who are working for international organizations and in the fields of society, culture and economy of   Mongolia. Moreover, we have not only invited and educated foreign students with visa since 1994, but also made agreements of training with embassies and international organizations which are conducting activities in Mongolia.  We have pursued training activities by their orders.

Now, we have been working hard in order to improve our training qualities. Many experienced teachers and proficient young people work here. Hence, we promise a service of high standards, matched with the needs of learners. We invite you to cooperate with us and allow us to teach Mongolian language and culture to your staff.

We would give the best training and cooperate closely in the future.

We hope you will be able to pay us a visit and make your own natural choice. Assuring you always of our best attention!


Oyun. R