The advantages of my school

  • training of high standard
  • interesting teaching method
  • experienced and professional teachers
  • friendly atmosphere
  • satisfactory classrooms
  • text books which are published from my school
  • up to 6 students in a group
  • face to face training
  • no age limit /everybody who wants to learn /
  • no time limit /not only just work time but also early in the morning, evening or weekend/
  • at any place /at school as usual. According to your requirements, teachers can teach at your requested location.
  • excursion / out speaking class /
  • tour class
  • culture class
  • school bus which serves to our students in the morning, afternoon and evening to downtown.


  • You will make new friends from Mongolia and around the world.
  • You can speak, write and read freely.
  • You will learn much about Mongolia.