Hours: 09.30 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Library card: Required for use whether taking books out or reading them in the library. Cards are issued on payment of 3000₮ . A passport photo is also to be submitted.

Borrowing books: Titles in high demand are loaned out for just one night. Those in less demand or with many copies may be borrowed for a maximum of seven days.

Fine for loss or damage: Payment of double the price of the book.

Late return fees: 1000₮ per night per book.


School bus: The route changes periodically, depending on where students wish to board the bus. The bus may not serve some areas. Those interested in taking the bus should contact the school accountant. /school bus can be serve for over 15 students/

Please notify the driver or the secretary if you move house or change your schedule any time after enrolling for the bus.

Bus fee: Each one-way trip is 1000₮ , and this is payable to the cashier in tugruk on a monthly basis. The number of trips you make in a month will be given to you on a chart.


Since you will be living in a different culture and your classmates are also likely to be from cultures different from your own, please remember to be considerate towards others. Responses to the stresses of learning a language, of classroom behavior, and of much more, vary not only from one person to another, but also from culture to culture.

Classroom and teacher: On the first day of the semester you will receive a schedule with the number of your classroom and the name, or initials, of your teacher. Your teacher will show you where the classroom is. If a class has more than six students, a conversation teacher will be there to help.

Once a year you can choose a new teacher according to your wish.

Schedule and teacher changes: If a student’s teacher or schedule is changed by the school during a semester, the student will be notified of this in advance.

End of cycle tests: Students on a regular cycle study schedule will have to take a test on the last Thursday of each cycle. Those scoring 70% or less in this will usually be expected to repeat the cycle. The day following a test is usually given to a review of the students’ performance at the test and there may also be an opportunity to participate in a Mongolian culture class taught in English.

Temporary absence: If you are ill or unable to come to class for some reason, please inform your teacher directly or notify the manager.  Classes thus missed may not be rescheduled, although arrangements for a tutor may be made at the standard tutoring fee.

Class times:

Morning:    09.00-10.30, 10.50-12.20

Afternoon: 13.00-14.30, 14.40-16.10, 16.20-17.50

Outside of official school hours /According to your requirements,

teachers can teach at your requested location and time /.

Break times: 10.30-10.50, 14.30-14.40

Hot and cold water is available during breaks in the teachers’ room on second floor  #12. Instant coffee and snacks may be purchased for a small fee. Cups are provided.

Note: Be careful of leaving behind your belongings in the classroom during breaks as they might be stolen.


The internet /WI-FI/ is free around school area. There is a telephone in the office which students can use outside class hours. Only local calls to a standard phone (not to a cell phone/hand phone) are permitted.


-    Nothing may be posted on the walls.

-    Tobacco use in any form is forbidden on the premises.

-    No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.


Sports competition: This is held on the last Saturday of September, and the participants include all teachers, and students both foreign and Mongolian. It is a fun time of playing basketball, volleyball, and table tennis. The winners receive prizes.

Christmas party: The third Friday of December is the day! Leaders of the various organizations represented in the school and their families are invited to join the teachers and students for a Christmas celebration with an international flair. Students are encouraged to form groups according to their nationality, and to prepare/provide food and entertainment representative of their respective countries.

Tsagaan Sar party: The customs, games, songs, dances, and traditional foods connected with this important Mongolian festival are presented at this party held just before the Tsagaan Sar break.

Annual award ceremony: This is held on the last Friday of the school year and certificates and diplomas are awarded to students who have successfully completed their studies for the students who get ‘s’ visa from my school. And also it is available to take the certificate after short or intensive course. 

Culture lessons: At the end of each cycle there is a cultural lesson. The lesson will be in English for first year students and in Mongolian for students who understand Mongolian well. Cultural lessons may sometimes take place outside of the classroom:  museums, national park, places of historical interest etc.


Hours: 09.0 a.m. to 15.00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We serve Mongolian, Korean and European food